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Money ManagementWe are blessed at Southwest to be able to offer several opportunities for people to learn to be good stewards of the financial blessings that God provides. One of the best ways for families to do that is to participate in Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” class. One of our members – John Paul Athanasiou – leads groups through this seminar multiple times each year. This class requires a commitment of time and money, but the results from learning and incorporating the strategies have proven to be life-changing for those who see the program through. John Paul is well-qualified to lead this program, and you can read about him below.

John Paul Athanasiou Bio

After a twenty five year career in service management and the health care service industry, I made a career change in 2000 that totally transformed my life. I was always involved in planning as a manager so financial planning was a natural transition for me and my passion. I completed each of the credentialing exams to become a financial advisor and my desire to help people achieve their desired goals became a reality. Life is all about relationships and I have enjoyed the friendships that I have developed through the years. I knew when I retired from my financial service practice that I wanted to continue being a resource to help people realize their dreams. Being a Financial Peace University coordinator allows me to use Dave Ramsey’s proven principals and the opportunity to help people as Dave says “live like no one else so later you could live like no one else.” I have been trained through personal experiences, life’s challenges, financial perception, years as a financial advisor, and the Dave Ramsey team.

As a coach/counselor I can be a resource to help individuals or couples who are experiencing emotional pain and financial distress find hope. By using simple steps some of their stress may be eliminated: developing a cash flow plan, establishing an emergency fund or discovering ways to reduce debt to more sophisticated analysis to teach them how to understand their investment statements.

If the Financial Peace class doesn’t fit your schedule, we also have a team of individuals who have agreed to work with families on an individual basis to help them learn how to live within their means and honor God with their finances. These services are free, with our team only requiring your commitment to follow through with the strategies they teach to help you find your way out of your financial struggle.

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